Venice Cheap

Guide To Traveling To Venice, Italy On A Fixed Budget


Many people find traveling abroad very expensive. They will do whatever it takes to see the beautiful country of Italy, even if it means cutting costs, at every corner. If you want to have a wonderful vacation and see Italy’s beautiful monuments and its extraordinary architecture, you can always find ways to save money.

Historical Events


There are several historical events and other activities going on in Venice, Italy throughout the year. These events will not cost you any money and you can get up close and personal with the Italians and learn a lot about their cultures and religions. Many tourists plan their vacation around these events so that they experience these personal happenings.


  • If you want to test your athletic skills, while in Venice, you need to sign up for the Voga Longa marathon. This is a challenge that takes a lot of athleticism, strength, and endurance, but many people are willing to lay everything on the line and give it a shot. This event takes place on water and will last around 3 ½ hours. You will have to complete the 32K run, before you will receive your certificate of attendance, which will be awarded to you at the finish line.


  • From August 27th thru September 6th, the Venice International Film Festival is happening. This event is celebrated on the Lido di Venezia Island and is the oldest in the world. This is a wonder event that everyone should partake in, if they ever get the opportunity.

Famous Tourist Sites


There are many sightseeing tours that you can partake in that will cost you very few Euros. This is why most tourists travel to Italy for and you do not have to be rich in order to enjoy them.



  • Torre dell Orologio or better known as the beautiful Clock Tower is located in the San Marco Square. You must schedule your visit early, if you want to take in this extraordinary site, because it closes early, at 9:00 p.m. This is a guided tour that you do not have to partake in to see its beauty.


  • Bell Tower Of St. Mark is also located in the San Marco Square. It has just recently undergone a huge overhaul, which included a lot of repairs and cleaning. This is another guided tour, but again you do not have to join the tour to witness the architecture and beauty of the monument.

Sleeping Accommodations


You are definitely going to need an affordable place to stay since you are on a vacation budget. There are many nice hostels that are very safe and comfortable. During tourist season, you may see a slight spike in the prices, but overall, you will find something that is very affordable.

  • Astoria is located in San Marco, which will give you easy access to the many of the tourist sites. For 70 Euros nightly, you will have a nice room, with Wi-Fi connection.
  • Hotel Serenissima is another affordable place to stay and is located in San Marco. For 80 Euros nightly, you will be within walking distance of the many wonderful tourist sites in the square.